Custom essay writers

As a college student, I find my studies frustrating from many aspects. First of all, there are too many courses that aren’t associated with my future career but I have to take for the sake of credits, and all professors are convinced that the course they teach deserves the most attention. I don’t mind taking exams; I came to college to study and exams are necessary for the formation of my grades.

However, I don’t think that writing essays, research papers, term papers, coursework and whatnot should not be mandatory for every class I take. My professors have a hard time understanding this, but not all careers require perfect academic writing. My intention is to focus on business studies after I graduate, and I know that communication skills are important for this career field, but that doesn’t mean that I have to spend entire weeks completing research papers in sociology, history, psychology, and every other course I take. I couldn’t possibly devote myself to studying if I worked on every single paper they assign.

That being said, it’s clear that I rely on professional custom essay writers whenever I need to submit a paper I cannot complete by myself. All my friends are doing the same thing – they hire custom writers and get the grades they want without sacrificing the time for studying and socializing (which is equally important for a normal student).

My friends and I recently debated over the issue of hiring professional custom essay writers who work for a certified service instead of using the services of independent writers. There is a lot to say about making the right choice, which is why I decided to explain what my experience taught me: if you need a great essay, it’s always better to rely on professional services with versatile teams of custom essay writers online.

What can freelance writers deliver?

Hiring a freelance writer may get you a cheaper paper, but the quality of the content you get will be put under risk. You never know what to expect – these writers usually ask for an advance payment and don’t provide any strong guarantee other than their promise to complete the paper you are looking for.

Another important factor that doesn’t work into their benefit is that they complete papers of a wide range of subjects. Can an economy major complete a paper for your sociology class? Sure they can, but the content will be re-written from online sources and won’t contain any unique points of discussion. Take a paper someone ordered from an independent writer and compare it to the work of a custom essay writer who works under the guarantees of a reliable company; the difference will be obvious.

My own experience taught me that independent writers are not to be trusted. They are cheaper for sure, but they are not fast enough and they are simply not good enough to get me high grades. It’s like asking a random stranger on the street to do my essay for me.

What can you get from a professional custom essay writer online?

There are custom-writing companies that are far from reliable, but reading some relevant reviews will prevent you from hiring the wrong service. I’ve made few mistakes myself, but that didn’t change my opinion that students can get the best-quality essays from professional custom-writing companies.

A professional service hires a team of essay writers with MA and PhD degrees in various fields of study. When I’m ready to pay for a history paper, I want it to be completed by a real expert in the academic area, who knows how to write unique content according to my professor’s standards. Custom writing is much more than following the customer’s instructions and delivering plagiarism-free content by the deadline. I cannot get the highest grades with a paper that simply rephrases the used sources. I need a writer who has knowledge in the niche and knows how to make my papers truly unique, and I can only get that from a service that assigns the most suitable custom writer to my order. 

Instead of searching for a properly-educated and talented custom essay writer for every paper my professors assign, I trust few proven essay-writing services that always have the right professionals in their teams. They provide me with strong guarantees that keep me safe and ensure my satisfaction, and I cannot get that level of security with freelance writers.

The conclusion is obvious: you may need to pay slightly more to hire an expert custom essay writer online, but you get an incomparable service and content in return.